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Tunnel Mill Crafts Calendar, 2021

Revised: September 23, 2021

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2022 Upcoming Classes and Events----

Candle-Holder with Saw-tooth Trammel
Tom Latane'

April 22, 23 & 24, 2022

Students will create a two candle chandelier with an integral saw tooth trammel for height adjustment.
The teeth of the trammel will be forged over the edge of the anvil.
Drip pans will be forged from the material at the ends of the cross arm and dished to receive the candle cups riveted in their centers.
The cross arm will be mortised to the trammel staff, a junction which can be ornamented with delicate scrolls above and below depending on the desire and skill of each student.
A stirrup at the bottom of the trammel and a swivel loop at the top will complete the project.

    Note: Some experience would be necessary for those students welding up groups of scrolls.

2021 Upcoming Classes and Events----

Tunnel Mill Annual Fall Gathering October 1, 2, & 3, 2021

Come and join us in the valley.
Social distancing and masks optional!
We all need to get out and enjoy the great outdoors and admire the beautiful fall colors ..Hence the Annual Fall Gathering at Tunnel Mill. Come for the day or weekend!
Come and enjoy an outdoor fire pit, forging in the great outdoors and meeting of friends we have not seen for a while. Nothing like standing (or sitting) around a campfire with friends.
Food available.. Coffee & hot cider.. (See Below)
Bring things for show & tell. Display your quilts in the quilt barn!
Wine sampling (or drinking) 4:00 in the barn.

Hope to see you there!!!

Please bring items for show and tell.

Registration for the weekend.. Please let me know if you will attend by September 28th, 2021
Camping available on grounds
Phone or e-mail__________________________________________
Weekend admission $5.00 per day/10.00 for weekend
Meals available for the following costs..
Friday evening potluck
Saturday October 2, 2020
9:00 Donuts & coffee $3.00
12:30 Lunch-soup & sandwich $7.50
3:00 Wine & Cheese (bring a bottle to share)
6:00 Dinner---Pork, Beans, Scalloped Potatoes, Coleslaw $12.00
Sunday October 3, 2020
8:00 Biscuits & gravy $6.00
12:30 Chili, cheese & chips $7.50

Community Education Classes; Beginning Blacksmithing

Monday, April 19 - May 3, 2021 and Tuesday April 20 - May 4, 2021
6:30-9:30 PM

Basic blacksmith techniques will be taught: heating, drawing out materials, upsetting, bending, and twisting techniques in steel material.
Students will start out with a fire poker, either for a forge fire or campfire. second two class projects will be discussed.
A $95.00 fee, which includes supplies, will be collected first night of class. Official sign up is with Rochester(MN)Community Education.
Contact me with any questions.
Carol Adams


MAY 21, 22, & 23, 2021
!!Rescheduled for Spring of 2022!!
Come to Tunnel Mill for two lovely days in the country and a two day quilt retreat!
Bring your sewing machine and quilting supplies and enjoy two days of worry free cutting fabric,
sewing, quilting, scrapbooking or whatever.
Five (5) meals furnished, other snacks and beverages provided.
Enjoy leisurely meals on large deck.
Large sewing room with individual tables, electricity and plenty of lighting.
Iron and ironing boards provided.
Dorm style housing or rent your own little cabin or a gypsy wagon for an additional fee:
Gypsy wagons $50.00 for two nights, $30.00 for 1 night.
$140.00 for weekend. Call to discuss accommodations.

Friday, late afternoon to set up and get acquainted.
Saturday all day through Sunday 4:00 pm to do your own thing.

Located 18 miles south of Rochester on Country Rd 1.
Thanks for your interest 507-289-4189.
Carol Adams

Tom Latane'

June 6,7&8, 2021 and June 9,10,11&12, 2021

Tom Latane Jeweler's Saw Frame Sketch

These two related classes will run consecutively. Though priority will be given to those signing up for both classes, either class could be taken singly.

Suitable for the handle of a tool or knife, this piece will be used on the saw frame by students taking both classes.

Students will forge. heat treat and grind tools which they will then use to chase a stylized acanthus design on a bulbous section forged and filed on the end of a 3/4" bar. The boss will be drilled and chiseled to receive a tool tang before being cut from the bar. A ferrule will be fire brazed to the boss to complete the project.

 Length: 4 Days
Designed to incorporate the boss described in the first class description, this frame can be fitted with a simpler ferrule by anyone not taking the other class.

The frame will include a wider section at the top suitable for decorative profiling and piercing. The end opposite the handle will be fashioned with a square mortise to receive a threaded section with a wingnut for tensioning the blade. Both ends will have thumb screws for clamping blades.

Axe Making
Ric Furrer

August 20, 21 and 22, 2021

We will concentrate on these two designs

Returning Nova celebrity for his expertise with the Viking swords and his knowledge and experience in Damascus, heat treating, and pattern welded steel.

Rather than a knife this year I thought we should do axes with pattern-welded edges.
Starting with a billet of mild steel you will forge out a mirror image axe shape in preparation for folding and welding.
Using this method we form the eye for the handle with the fold rather than a chisel and drift.
Once the axe blank is rough forged to shape you will weld up a small billet of layered steel which will become the inserted edge. In this way you get the experience of pattern-welding as well as axe making.

Once the pattern-welded steel bit is fitted inside the blank you will weld the body of the axe to the bit.
From there it is a matter of maintaining the eye shape with drifts and fine tuning the edge.
Light grinding follows next and then heat treating, fitting of the handle, and sharpening.

Over the three days you will gain new skills and leave with a functioning axe of your own making.
These techniques can be applied to other woodworking tools as well so they are good to learn.

Tom Latane'
September 10, 11 and 12, 2021

Students will each forge a small axe head like those used on some eighteenth century walking sticks in Norway.
These walking sticks were called Bergmannsstav in Norway where they are thought to have been introduced by German workers in the mining district.
The eye can be forge-welded or punched depending on preference.

The axe head on a Bergmannsstav was purely decorative (some were made of wood). The shepherd's axe, from Eastern Europe, was similar but indeed usable as an axe.

High carbon steel may be welded in the bit if desired for use, or the edge could remain mild steel. After being forged, the head will be cleaned in acid pickle and filed.
It may then be chased or pierced or inlaid with non-ferrous wire (though there will not be time for inlaying in the class).

Exploring Forging Pattern-Welded ("Damascus") Steel
Jeff Harper
Rescheduled to: October 8, 9 and 10, 2021

Come join us Friday, October 8, to get acquainted and discuss projects. Registration and socializing starting Friday evening after 5:30 Meet the instructor and get set up in the shop for classes Saturday & Sunday October 9th and 10th. Class pricing includes class instruction, materials needed for projects, & room & board.

Jeff says:
I'm from the better part of north-central Minnesota and I've been enjoying blacksmithing for the past 7 years, taking and leading classes. My main focus in this class is to get students to make damascus steel and to show them that they don't need a power hammer (but it sure helps)

During this three-day class (starting Friday night) we will explore the basics of pattern welded/Damascus steel to make items such as pendants, bracelets and belt buckles as well as for use in tools and knives. On the first day, using high carbon steel, you will forge-weld a billet by hand. Our subsequent welds will be done with the help of the power hammer. Cutting, stacking and more forge welding will lead to pattern manipulations such as twist and random. Patterns such as raindrop and ladder will follow as student proficiency allows.

Shaping, grinding and etching will be done on projects.

Students can purchase an additional billet to forge, and go home with a billet of their own creation to use in other courses and projects, as well as the knowledge to make more.
As we'll be forge welding, all of the safety rules apply- non-synthetic clothing, ear and eye protection, work apron is helpful and closed toe boots or shoes (non-synthetic as well)
Students would need to bring their favorite forging hammer, a cross or straight pein hammer.

Directions to Tunnel Mill: Tunnel Mill is located 20 miles south of Rochester Minnesota. Take Hwy 63 out of Rochester to Stewartville, turn east on Hwy 30 to County Highway 1 (approx 5.5 miles). Turn south on County Highway 1. Follow CO HWY 1 6.5 miles to Tunnel Mill on the left side of CO RD Call about camping on the grounds. 507-378-4983 or 507-289-4189, Carol Adams. Lodging available in Spring Valley, 5 miles further south on CO RD 1.
Shady Rest 507-346-2625---Spring Valley Motel & Suites-507-346-7788

Class Registration Form

Class Contact Information

For more information on any of the classes contact us at
jc-adams@msn.com, or call 507-289-4189 Carol Adams.

We are located in southern Minnesota. Tunnel Mill was an old water powered mill. Built in 1869. Retired in the late 1920's..
Located on the Bear River north of Spring Valley, MN.
Wooded 50 acres with a stream that runs through it.

Now, it's a place for crafts people and friends to congregate, relax and learn some of our forgotten crafts.

Watch for more classes!!